What we do

  • We plan, design, integrate and realize
  • We cover the entire supply chain – production, filling & packaging, utilities, warehouse and logistic
  • We plan a complete factory which considers a CAPEX sensitive investment

Our strategy for your success

As an independent engineer, integrator and neutral advisor we serve the brewing and beverage industry worldwide. We enable you to enter new markets, streamline your production and improve the quality of your products.

We understand your needs, concerns and requirements. And we know what you need in the brewing industry to reach every goal:

  • financial feasibility
  • architectural design
  • automation & control
  • project integration & site management
  • engineering & consulting


  • Gain a tailored solution to meet your specific needs
  • Save time and money through our holistic approach
  • Have all interfaces considered – from process, automation and civil works
  • Gain CAPEX sensitive planning
  • Obtain real insight – innovative technology know-how

A variety of individual solutions for every beverage

We help realize your strategy, providing

Financial Feasibility

Feasibility Study

Our plan will provide you with insights into the financial and practical feasibility of your future investment. Based on our experience, we are able to provide you with the technical, operational and financial feasibility of the complete project.

Opportunity Workshop

Either you are planning a greenfield, modernizing/optimizing your existing facility or expanding your production. Our team of experts will conduct a thorough workshop with your dedicated team where we will jointly identify opportunities and threads, discuss your current set up, consider equipment, process and location, bring in our expertise and neutral mind, and help identify any opportunities that will further benefit your interests. On a case by case basis, we may conduct an onsite assessment.

Location and Resource Strategy

We will support you in finding and evaluating the right location. Going a step further, we assess and evaluate the sites to confirm that all required prerequisites for your investment are available. This may includes evaluation of land plot size, infrastructure, water availability and quality, waste water requirements, and even potential tax issues.

Business Case

A sound business case is an important tool in project selection and the evaluation of investment opportunities. We facilitate fact based decision making by providing a realistic cost / benefits overview, CAPEX sensitive planning, plans for effective and efficient resource allocation, and a realistic time estimate from planning to start up.

Our business case is credible, practical, accurate, and quantitatively measurable. Accordingly, our business case allows you, the decision maker, to choose a course of action with confidence.

Automation & Control

Software Concept Engineering

Covering the complete range from ”Micro“ to ”Mega“, our team of automation experts will help you define the right level of automation for your particular needs. We take a holistic, tailored approach; considering all synergies between the different areas and processes, with the required integration levels and systems. We identify the optimum balance between process standardization and harmonization.

Software Development

We provide complete programming, configuration and integration services, including logic conversion, coding, and building I/O and control applications. We configure and program even the most advanced control strategies within our client's integrated control systems, ensuring I/O optimization.

Software Upgrade

Process control hardware/software usually outlives communication protocols, operator interfaces and data gathering systems. As the systems ages, timely upgrades are required to maintain operational efficiencies and optimal industrial automation integration. We recommend the right technologies to complement your existing infrastructure, I/O points, environment and applications.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

By integrating analytical tools with real-time production data, process plant managers can more easily schedule production, manage raw materials, and optimize equipment use. Closing the “information gap” is key for achieving an agile manufacturing environment. This is not an easy task for the plant system's environment with its high data volume and complexity, due to numerous interfaces.

With our customized approach, we design a cost-effective solution and determine the right architecture for your particular needs in terms of defining the appropriate KPIs, how to gather data, and filter and structure the data to generate valuable reports and graphical tools. Thus enabling sustainable performance control and monitoring.

Architectural Design

Building Design

BeerBev architecture team has long term experience in architectural planning and design. We see that industrial facilities are just as interesting and innovative as the products and processes within them. Our team of experts in technology, architectural design and civil work come together to create architectural and structural designs that aim to have a long-lasting and positive economic, social and environmental impact on your organization and the surrounding community. By carefully listening to our customers and effectively applying our creativity to solve your particular challenge, we provide unique concept solutions. Our technical expertise and our collaborative spirit are measures of our success.

We define the future structural design, provide site and section drawings, develop the future schematic design, and define building systems such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, and architectural details. Our drawings specify design elements such as material types, engineering systems, and the  location of windows, doors, etc. The aim is to have all design decisions finalized at an early stage. This allows you to gain an understanding of a  realistic investment budget, start obtaining the necessary regulatory permissions and begin tendering for construction at an very early stage.

3D Design

We passionately believe 3D design software is the key factor for the successful integration of multidisciplinary projects. A 3D design reduces risk, resolves inefficiencies and significantly improves operations all throughout the design phase and co-ordination stages. 3D design provides a unique touch and feel factory planning experience. It allows you to visualize what the future state of your strategic goal may look like and provide you with an outside view of the building as well as any specific areas of the production site, restaurant, storage etc.

In addition, we provide 3D piping engineering. This product outlines the critical areas where pipes interconnect and provides a view of pipe bridges and all interfaces. We provide all required information regarding pipe insulation material and dimensioning, a material list for each pipe length, elbows, thickness etc.

Mechanical & Electrical Design

We focus on an energy efficient design that is within the specified budget and meets your specifications. We cover a broad spectrum of mechanical and electrical design such as ventilating and air conditioning systems, domestic hot and cold water systems, public health systems, building controls, HV/LV Distribution Systems, Standby Generation & UPS Systems, Lighting & Power Systems, IT Systems, Security Systems.

Tender Support

We support you with the overall tender documentation and tender coordination. We bring together all the civil design information to fulfill all procurement routes whether this is the traditional full design information or performance related information for design and build contracts. The aim is to have a meaningful tender document for selected construction phase contractors to bid on. The content of this tender document, also called a “building system narrative” includes e.g. description of the site, structural requirements, local building code requirements, mechanical, electrical, plumbing & security requirements etc.

 Engineering & Consulting

Factory Planning

With our factory planning and optimization, we help our clients pursue their core operation goals. We plan factory premises by strategically aligning production and operations. Our factory planning focuses on the process, technology and product value engineering. We take into accoount all the  necessary production, logistic and filling & packaging processes, as well as utilities.


We provide preliminary and detailed engineering concepts. Always taking a holistic approach, we consider all interdependencies between processes, equipment, automation and design. You gain a comprehensive masterplan, outlining the required approach and all its details e.g. new equipment integrated within the existing, step wise expansion concepts etc. We consider a CAPEX sensitive engineering in all areas.

Civil Concept Design

Having a trusted partner who understands process and civil design is a WIN-WIN for both sides. You’ll be enabled to obtain all the necessary permissions at an early stage, plan and consider items with a long lead time at an early stage, have a thorough investment budget in place etc. All this results in a much faster and less complex project.

Tender Management Support

We provide neutral and objective engineering solutions, enabling you a “Best in Class“ selection. However, we understand the "ins and outs"of suppliers and help you in developing all technical specs, drawings and documents. Our approach enables "Apple to Apple" comparison between supplier quotes. Furthermore, we help you in evaluating the corresponding quotes.

Project Integration & Site Management

Project Management

We provide the entire scope of project integration & construction management. We support our clients from tender development, planning and evaluation then throughout the entire construction phase till start up. Our experience ensures the project runs smoothly as we integrate your plans. 

Site Management

Our site management team provides the full scope of construction site management services which includes field installation and organization, coordination of the required activities and provides technical advice. Given our expertise and know-how, we take a team approach with our clients' core team and the supplier, aiming to provide a sustainable benefit to our client.