Delivering max. value to our clients for a successfull realization of their strategy.

  • Financial Feasibility
  • Engineering & Consulting
  • Architectural Design
  • Automation & Control
  • Project Integration & Site Management

Our competency

A variety of individual solutions for your specific need

Cider is becoming a popular trendsetter all over the world! As a global engineering and consulting firm, we provide you with our expertise developing, optimizing all the building blocks for your Cider production, from raw material intake to production over filling and packaging till distribution.

We help you to further differentiate from others and strengthen your market position, not only by taste, more so by technology, performance and quality.

Brewing and Cider, two processes with lots of synergy potential. Hence, we adapt to the global trend that especially breweries see the cider segment as an interesting diversification opportunity. We plan, develop your individual concept, integrating cider production within an existing plant or consider future cider production within the initial brewing layout as part of future expansion phases.

BeerBev’s thorough understanding of the cider and brewing production process ensures that integration of new cider plant into existing breweries and beverage plants is done in the most efficient way by utilizing existing equipment wherever possible.

Your benefit for realizing your individual strategy:

Financial Feasibility

Full cost transparency, realistic budget and ROI planning, identification of max. investment saving potential

Engineering & Consulting

Holistic view, considering all interfaces – process, technology and civil, enabling max. flexibility for new product development, developing innovative and customized solution while considering 100% flavor match and keeping “you” in the driver seat

Architectural Design

New product development, quality and performance enhancement, max. synergy leverage

Automation & Control

Simplify only as far as necessary, keep “hands on” mentality as required

Project Integration & Site Management

Support implementation, acting as your central point of contact, combining process and technology know how, managing integration of different trades and equipment, onsite supervision