Delivering max. value to our clients for a successfull realization of their strategy.

  • Financial Feasibility
  • Engineering & Consulting
  • Architectural Design
  • Automation & Control
  • Project Integration & Site Management

Our competency

A variety of individual solutions for your specific need

In the dairy industry BeerBev focus on the following packaged food categories: drinking milk products and yoghurt.

We understand that the processing techniques that are employed by dairy processors are as diverse as the variety of products manufactured by the industry as the choice of individual processes and process sequence will depend heavily on the end product being manufactured.

Designing a new or more productive dairy facility, while avoiding costly mistakes, requires engineering and practical experience in construction, operations, and on-farm requirements. Team up with our BeerBev experts at an early in the planning process to benefit from our dairy plant engineering and development expertise. BeerBev LLC will assist you in broadening your marketing options, decreasing costs and gaining the opportunity to charge premium prices through a more efficient operation.

Your benefit for realizing your individual strategy:

Financial Feasibility

Full cost transparency, realistic budget and ROI planning, identification of max. saving potential

Engineering & Consulting

Holistic view, considering all interfaces – process, technology and civil, enabling max. flexibility, leverage synergies where applicable

Architectural Design

Performance monitoring, recipe optimization, software upgrade

Automation & Control

Increase in efficiency, standardization and compliance control

Project Integration & Site Management

Support implementation, acting as your central point of contact, combining process and technology know how, managing integration of different trades and equipment, onsite supervision