• Product diversification to comply with changing consumer demands
  • Realizing current and future growth opportunities
  • Innovative and individual technical solutions


Brewers and beverage producers around the world facing multiple challenges such as brand and product diversification to comply with changing consumer preferences, increased competition and identifying growth opportunities across new regions and countries.

Premium brands, flavored/mixed beer beverages, malt beverages, craft brews, non- or low alcohol beer, cider, hard soda, craft soda, carbonated soft drinks … whatever your plans are, BeerBev understands the dynamics and challenges of the global, regional and local brewing and beverage industry. We enable beverage producers of all sizes to be ready for the future.


  • Explore new opportunities
  • Understand the  feasibility of your strategy and investment
  • Max. utilization of existing synergies
  • Innovative technical solutions

A Variety of Individual Solutions for Every Beverage

Diversification References

Our Diversification project references outline that BeerBev takes a logical and practical approach advising and developing customized solutions. We understand the different dynamics and know the opportunities between the production and distribution of different products in the beverage industry.