Modernization / Optimization

  • Systematic plant and process optimization
  • Identification of hidden savings and potential synergies
  • Consideration of all existing interdependencies within customized solutions

Modernization / Optimization

In the light of the increasing pressure to reduce cost in the industry, systematic plant and process optimization is an important tool for increasing the efficiency in the context of production strategy. Modernization and/or optimization doesn’t always mean a big transformation – even small adjustments can have a big impact on your operational results and bottom line.

We identify hidden savings and potential synergies. Understanding the entire value chain from all angles – process, technology, automation and civil design – ensures we consider all existing interdependencies within our customized solutions.


  • Increase in productivity
  • Forcing innovation
  • Reducing cost & complexity
  • Improving & maintaining quality
  • Improving efficiency

A Variety of Individual Solutions for Every Beverage

Modernization / Optimization References

Our Modernization and Expansion project references covers global mainstream production as well as micro plants. We analyse the existing set-up and develop new and innovative solutions, that increase operational agility, enhance quality and efficiency, and consequently increase your cost competitiveness. Modernization and/or Optimization doesn’t always mean big transformation – even small adjustment can have a big impact on your operational results and your bottom line, as our references indicate.