Automation & Control

  • Integrated software process system engineering
  • Electrical planning and electric control cabinets
  • Development of recipes and adaptation for new products
  • System upgrades and modernization

Automation & Control

Our automation division is an innovative technology solution provider and system integrator for the beer and beverage industry. We take an integrated project approach, covering the development, implementation and maintenance of innovative and customized equipment, utilities and automation solutions.

Our team consists of experienced engineers, software specialists and industry specific technology experts. Our products and services in automation technology include new implementations, modernizing and upgrading existing infrastructure, systems integration, process optimization, and higher level MES.


  • Integrated automation system
  • Significant efficiency increase
  • Simple and highly flexible creation and adaptation of recipes
  • Batch orientated according to S88 standard
  • Customized solutions covering present and future needs with the right TCO and ROI strategy

A Variety of Individual Solutions for Every Beverage

Automation & Control References

Our automation & control references show that we address a broad spectrum from conceptualizing, optimizing and upgrade your automation system. Regardless of size and type of your desired or existing system we have the know how and expertise to support your realizing the next level.